Paul Ryan backs adoptions for same-sex couples :: EWTN News


Paul Ryan backs adoptions for same-sex couples :: EWTN News.

My Two Cents Worth

Paul Ryan is wrong. No kid will be psychologically, physically or spiritually safe around active homosexuals or screwed up heterosexuals, for that matter.

History has born those sad facts out.

I guess Paul Ryan does not put any faith in his Catholic Faith he professes to believe in. Looks to me like he is not God’s good Servant first, but the Government’s. Won’t be long he will be driveling babel like VP Joe Biden.

His Bishop should refuse to give him Holy Communion. Knowing what I know, I doubt you will see that ever happen. Some prelates look the other way, while the sheep/lambs get carted off, because of temerity. Fear of loosing money, a high profile Catholic can bring to their coffers. Let’s hope that’s not the case, with Ryan’s Bishop. But, I’ve seen it played out, time and again from a lot of priests or bishops.

Let us pray a Hail Mary and a Rosary daily that Priests and Bishops “teach” and “counsel” the changeless Full Truths of the Catholic Faith, to the doubtful or confused. If not, they will answer for their flock’s souls.

Here’s What the Catholic Church Teaches – It Refutes Paul Ryan’s words.

“The Catholic Church’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith rejected same-sex adoptions and explicit legal recognition for same-sex couples in a 2003 document, “Considerations Regarding Proposals to give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons.”

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