Dr David Kelly – Conspiracy

UK Scandal. He brought up the controversial War in Iraq, on BBC News. The UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair’s credibility about why UK went to war in Iraq. RIP Dr. Kelly. We’ll take it from here.

Dr Kelly is believed to have had a Faux Suicide, by Tony Blair’s Regime. Tony Blair’s a relative of George W. Bush. Go figure. Two peas in a pod. Many doctors in Britain have written letters to newspapers, who say they do not believe the ‘official line’ that Dr Kelly took his own life. They call for an investigation.

Looks like Britain has it’s problems with crazed with power, leaders too, who will do anything, to keep in power and keep their detractors, permanently quiet. God bless them with “conversion” from their sins, before it’s too late. God help them to stop this insanity.

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