Does my heart good, to hear a good Catholic Bishop speak the truth. Vatican II was misrepresented by many in the west.

Originally posted on CNS Blog:

By Robert Duncan
Catholic News Service

Bishop Athanasius Schneider is an auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Astana, Kazakhstan. On a recent trip to the United States, he granted an interview to Catholic News Service.

Bishop Schneider who was born in the former Soviet Union, recalled how atheism was taught to him in kindergarten and atheistic ideas permeated all strata of society.

Within that context, Bishop Schneider said, the Second Vatican Council’s document on religious liberty (“Dignitatis Humanae”) could be properly understood. Though the government didn’t believe in God, at least both Christians and the communists could dialogue “to save the human dignity,” and thereby promote religious liberty.

But the council’s document was not properly understood by everyone. Interpretations of the document that suggested a “rupture” with previous church teaching were many, the bishop said.

“Even human societies have to serve the Creator. … It is not always possible because…

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