Syrian Girl: “This is about destroying Syria!”

“Syrian Girl” Telling you like it is On “Insight: on SBS. This was a very interesting forum… Glad to see we are hearing more and more voices these days regarding the sick crimes comited by the FSA, NATO and others. Taken from:

I agree with “Syrian Girl” aka Mimi Al Laham. She is Syrian and Sunni. She blames: NATO and USA for backing the “Muslim Brotherhood’s FSA,” for trying to destroy Syria. Obama has already done regime changes in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia. And, Obama is actively running guns through Libya to Turkey, into Syria to the Muslim Brotherhood who are trying to destroy Syria.

The Nobel Peace Prize Obama got in December 2009 should be given back.

Obama is doing this same Coup de’tete in the USA, without blood shed.

May God Bless Our Country with a Deep On-Going Conversion, from sin.

I agree with Syrian Girl, and President Assad. Obama does not speak for me, as an American. He hates America. But, he sugar coats his hatred, and camouflages it, with outright lies.

Pope Paul VI said, “If you want Peace, work for Justice.”

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