I support Assad. I do not support NATO nor Obama.

I support Syria. Obama has been dealing guns to Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood to topple the Syrian Government for nearly 2 years now. I do not buy any of the US Media’s lies. Obama has started more wars, than Bush Jr ever has. He’s toppled more Governments than any man in history. He is a killing machine. He had the Foreign Ministry Officer in Libya killed two weeks ago, along with the 4 Benghazi US Citizens. He watched in “real time” the rape and killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens, and the other three men. Obama is the Killing Arm of NATO. He pays for thugs in Al Qaeda to kill whom they want, all over the world. Two Naval Officers called Obama on his deceptions and evils regarding the killing of the 2 ex-Navy Seals, who refused to “stand down” and instead they saved those 30 civilians, although those 2 ex-Navy Seals died heroically, doing it. Where are those rescued 30 US Consulate Employees, now? Where are they? Why haven’t they spoken out? They’ve been silenced. And, I bet they will end up dead, have an accident by the CIA or FBI or faux suicides. Watch it will happen.

I support Bashir Assad. He is fighting against the gun running US, United Arab Emirates, and NATO Backed, Muslim Brotherhood Rebels who are trying to topple the Assad Government. That is so evil. Obama is using our Military to Bully the World and NATO is backing Obama. DOD Leon Panetta admitted arrogantly in March 2012 that US Presidents no longer have to come to US Congress to “go to war.” That is against Our US Constitution.

I support Assad. I do not support NATO nor do I support our US Thug-In-Chief, the Illegal President Obama.

I do not believe that Assad has chemical weapons. Obama lies about everything to get world domination, for the Muslim Brotherhood to take over countries all over the Middle East and Norther Africa.

Gog and Magog then gangs up on Israel. You watch this will happen.

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