Pope not bugged by small creatures


Pope looks tired, but hard to “bug.”

Originally posted on CNS Blog:

VATICAN CITY — This is not news, nor is it important in the scheme of things. This is just a simple blog post about a simple matter.

Today a bug landed on Pope Benedict XVI’s forehead during a visit to a home for the elderly in Rome.

The pope greets guests, ignoring the guest closest to him. (CNS/Paul Haring)

Instead of brushing his guest away, the pope stayed focused and continued greeting other guests. Five seconds later, the bug left on his own.

The small guest, right, flies away after spending five seconds meeting the pope. (CNS/Paul Haring)

This was not the pope’s first encounter with a wayward insect. In 2009, a spider took his time climbing on the pope’s cape as he gave a speech inside the presidential palace in the Czech Republic. While the pope seemed not to notice and did not react, the incident drew a lot…

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