Geert Wilders: “Marked For Death”

How well I know of reprisals. I am Catholic. But even in speaking up in the Catholic Church, you get very real dangerous and deadly harassments. My loyalty is with God. I do not suffer idiots. I do not kiss anyone’s butt. I don’t play dumb, for anyone. I’ve been run off the road and called up in harassing phone calls since August 2000. So, I know any known entity can do deadly reprisals. Any group can commit these “corporate sins” as the CCC Catechism of the Catholic Church says.

So, I understand what heroes like Geert Wilders are going through – who speak up – and face dangerous reprisals. I’m going through this myself, by several entities. A gang, a church and an ex-spouse. I say the Truth, and that usually pisses off a lot of people. “Shoot the Messenger” mentality.

Oh well. You live until you die. How I get there, is up to God.

Pray for Geert Wilders and Salmon Rushdie. They dearly, need your prayers. Thanks. Remember them at Mass and on your Rosaries and Morning Offering.

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