Benedict XVI: Joy is the true mark of a Christian

Pope spoke about joy in the Vatican Gardens at the end of May. I have quiet joy. My body is giving out. It’s of no use to anyone, but God anymore. Seems everyone but God is unimpressed with my external tabernacle. I figure my tabernacle is a quiet place for Him to rest. Only He sees I have tried to keep it for Him and in Him for others, I pray quietly. I offered my diseased colon to God, for the conversion of homosexual people – who mistreat their colons and other people’s colons. I prayed for the obnoxious gay man on the bus. For the out of control, crazy and anti-black people bus driver, who lost all reason while driving us all crazy with his out bursts. I am glad, that I got home safe although shakened. I prayed for the liberal parish who celebrate themselves, “ad nauseum,” at Mass; and I pray for the conservative parish that celebrate themselves “ad nauseum.” I like neither parishes. They are folks who cannot seem to focus on God – with any conviction. So I pray for them. Crazy lady on bus put her feet up by me, wanting my attention. It is weird that she wants negative attention. So, I ignored her. She is a crazy Catholic woman, so I pray for her too. My knee needs surgery, again. But, I hope it heals without surgery. I only got my wood stacked yesterday. So Monday, I have to mow. I am thankful for Sundays. I am going to ice my knee all day, and I hope the pain subsides. God is allowing my body, to fall apart sooner than I had hoped. So, I will give to God all of my pains, and unite them, to His Pain. Perhaps my nothingness will be something, through Him.

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