So very true.

Originally posted on Tracie Louise Photography:

I had a conversation with an old Facebook friend and fellow photographer yesterday.  She talked about things that she wanted to get around to doing someday, but hadn’t really decided on yet.  And this got me thinking.

There are many things that we have on our “someday to-do list”.  I’ll get around to it one day… maybe when I have more spare time… and countless other excuses we tell ourselves, but then we end up doing nothing because nothing is safe.  Nothing is easy.

But no decision IS a decision.

If you do try, one of two things will happen.  either you will succeed, or you will fail.  50/50.  If you don’t try, only one thing will happen.  You will 100% fail.  Don’t let the fear of taking a risk prevent you from giving it a go.

No matter what age you are, you probably feel as though something has passed…

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