To Blog or Not to Blog? That is the Question

I may have to sell my house, to pay off my debts.

Maybe the priests and bishops will have to sell their Mercedes or their STD Clinic that gives Condoms to 12 Yr Olds, to pay off their debts. Maybe God will bless them, if they start preaching Catholicism not watered down pablum.

Frankly; I’m getting tired of seeing women wearing Prostitute Clothing to Church. Betcha their wallets are being mined.

I was praying for new pants…they’re thread bare, new underwear…and begging Our Lady before Mass.

The Gang messed up my Garage Roof and House Foundation and scared off two other neighbors they couldn’t stand. Who would buy a $40,000 depreciated piece of property?

Then the priest wants his share. Does not give a damn about me. Just wants the $$$.

I don’t have any $$$ in my wallet nor bank account, so I guess he is barking up the wrong tree.

Maybe he can bug the sick and poor in Darfur. He’d get the same reaction out of them, that he’s tacitly gotten out of me.

I need a Fish with a Coin in It’s Mouth, so I can give to Ceasar his extorted piece of the pie. All I ask for is Mass, Sacraments and Holy Communion.

Church Community is non existent.

I had to wear a 3 year old dress, to Mass, yesterday. It’s the only thing that is not thread bare.

No wonder I want to move, clean clear out of the USA, to a simpler, more Catholic country.

Whether to blog or not to blog about such trivial stuff as my great need for God’s Graces for everything, in my life is the Next Question.


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