Our Parish Priest did it all

Our Parish Priest did it all, when I was a little girl. He did All the:

1. Sunday Masses
2. Daily Masses
3. Confessions
4. Stations of the Cross
5. He cleaned the Church and Rectory
6. Shoveled snow
7. Taught All Catechism Classes 1-12
8. Adult Instructions
9. Adoration
10. Bought holy books for a Library
11. May Crownings
12. Visited the Sick
13. Buried the Dead
14. Wrote, Printed and Mailed Out the Weekly Bulletin
15. Had Roller Skating Parties twice a year for Grades 1-4, 5-8, and 9-12.
16. Decorated the Church for Easter and Christmas
17. He was the Maintenance Man, too.

This Priest taught the Catholic Faith, by word and deed.

No priest has ever matched his excellence.

My personality is more like his, than my own dad.

I wanted to go to daily Mass, when I was very little, because my mom went. She did not take me to daily Mass, until I was four years old and eleven months.

My first daily Mass was at St Edwards. After Consecration of the bread into Christ’s Body; from the elevated Host I heard Jesus, speak to me. “This Priest, will teach you all about Me.”

And, this locution turned true.

Father G taught All Catechism Classes.

Monday 1-4 Grades
Tuesday 5-8 Grades
Wednesday 9-12 Grades

I learned more from his Bible History and Baltimore Catechism Classes, than I did in any other class, since.

He was one in a million. A saint. Thanks God, for that Priest’s Priesthood. RIP Fr. G.

In August 2002 Mass, in Toronto, Canada: Blessed Pope John Paul II said, “Don’t think of the Bad Priests in your life. Think of the Good Priests in your life. I can only think of Fr Boland, Fr G, and Fr Hardon. That’s about it.

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