Silent Protest of Abortion – 40 Days for Life

I joined about 15 College Students and a College Professor and Picketed against Abortion in front of Planned Parenthood.

I guess we’re going to be in the college’s newspaper, too.

Here are a few photographs.


Latino immigrants are targeted, as you can see, by this marque.


Aborted unborn babies are disposed of as “Medical Waste” by “Waste Management” in Michigan.

Please boycott Waste Management of Michigan, and tell them why you are boycotting them. Planned Parenthood staff admitted this to me, in an interview with them by phone, in August 2009, that Waste Management of Michigan disposes of dead, aborted unborn babies, in their landfills. This is so sick. Unborn Babies are Rejected, by their Parents, then Aborted and then Disposed of, as Trash.

This is Insanity on a Grand Scale. Seems everyone, related to the Abortion Business is “on the take.”


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